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Large Hummingbird Pendant

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Large Hummingbird Pendant


This large, sterling silver hummingbird pendant is mesmerising, much like the bird it embodies. Hovering on a 50cm chain, the hummingbird pendant is striking, adding a dash of elegance and grace to anyone who wears it.

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Product Description

It is from nature that we generally garner inspiration resulting in unique creations such as this sterling silver, hummingbird pendant; an ideal gift for bird lovers. One of the smallest Aves on the planet, the hummingbird pendant flawlessly captures this tiny creature in a way that is truly enthralling, much like the bird it embodies. Named for the humming noise they make when vigorously flapping their wings, the hummingbird is revered in many cultures for its beauty and vitality.

This hummingbird pendant is no different, adding a flare of vitality and beauty to any wardrobe. It is the perfect accessory for lovers of nature, birds and jewellery. Not only is the hummingbird pendant made from the finest sterling silver, but so is the 50cm chain from which it hovers. If you are looking for an accessory that is not ostentatious but still fetching, then the hummingbird pendant is for you as it is also available in a smaller size.

If the large hummingbird pendant is not what you are looking for then why not try the small hummingbird pendant.

Materials:  Sterling Silver
Pendant measures 18 x 22mm, on a 50cm chain
Made in Johannesburg by Exclusivity By Design

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Additional Information

Dimensions 1.8 x 2.2 cm


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