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image for Thandana 2018 – A brand new (eco-friendly!) range just launched!

Thandana 2018 – A brand new (eco-friendly!) range just launched!

We know how much you love the laminated, water-resistant bags Thandana have become known for over the last 8 years or so, but the plain fact is:  Plastic never goes away. Plastic is a durable material made to last forever, yet 33% of it is used once and then discarded. Plastic cannot biodegrade; it breaks down into […]

image for We’re on Instagram!

We’re on Instagram!

image for Utique’s 2013…

Utique’s 2013…

A very very very big thank you to all of our supporters during 2013. With your help, Utique has grown and now represents over 80 local artists, designers and small business owners.  With your continued support, we look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2014 – and we wish all of you the very same!

image for Santa Shoebox Project

Santa Shoebox Project

Help the Santa Shoebox Project make lots of little hearts happy this Christmas! What it’s all about: The Santa Shoebox Project co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalised gifts for underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia, during the Christmas period. Each donor is able to select a child, based on name, gender and […]

image for Urban Bling Winners

Urban Bling Winners

Whoop whoop!  A big congrats to the following 5 lucky ladies who will abe receiving a stunning turquoise suede wrap braclet by Urban Bling: Rehana Seedat, Maria, Depashnie Marie, Carrot and Kesiah.  

image for Father’s Day DIY Gift Roundup

Father’s Day DIY Gift Roundup

Everyone ready for Father’s Day this year?  It’s on Sunday the 16th June.  That’s THIS Sunday, so if you still haven’t gotten a thoughtful gift, worthy of the man who brought you into this world, there’s no need to resort to socks and chocolate.  DIY it! With our roundup of the internet’s best Dad DIYs, […]

image for Why choose a sleeping bag?

Why choose a sleeping bag?

As a parent, and especially a first time parent, we all do it: get up every 5 minutes to check that our little bundle of joy is still breathing, and hasn’t slipped under the covers. Then as they get bigger and start moving around and kicking blankets off, we’re up again, worried they’re getting cold […]

image for Wishing all Moms a happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all Moms a happy Mother’s Day!

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image for Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

OK, so we’ve all been guilty of waiting till the last minute to purchase a gift.  But just because you’ve done it again this year, and forgotten to plan your Mother’s Day gift, doesn’t mean you have to resort to Woolies chocolates and flowers, or worse, a supermarket shower gel set! We have over 100 […]

image for Latest Press

Latest Press

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