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Monochrome – because life is good in black and white – Guest post

*This is a guest post by Sugar & Vice, to see their full range of inspiring ceramic pieces, visit their collection here.

Decorating a nursery is one of the first things an expectant mum thinks about when she finds out that she is pregnant. In the olden days, neutral yellows would be used if the sex of the baby was unknown, blue was used if the baby was to be a boy and pink it it were to be a girl.

Today, parents are less and less likely to prescribe to these traditional trends. A monochromatic colour scheme is a very neutral and fashionable décor choice and is what Chenel from Raising Little James did with her little boys room. Recently she changed his room from a baby room to a big boys room, and by maintaining a monochrome theme, she is able to add and remove colours and themes very quickly as well as keep it fresh and on trend for longer.

We just love the native theme throughout the room and think that our infamous fox vase fits like a glove.

You can buy the Vixen vase here.

To see more stunning designs from Sugar & Vice, check out their full range here.

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