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*This is a guest post by Sugar & Vice, see their full range of stunning, tattoo-inspired ceramics here.

Sugar and Vice were absolutely thrilled to be invited to exhibit at the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show at the end of last year. At the time we gave you just a sneak peak of the two artworks that we had designed, in secret, for the show, but are now super excited to unveil the entire piece (see below) and watch the video here.

The art exhibition showcased the work of incredible local artists and talented writers who teamed up and wrote an amazing new kid’s books, which could be freely translated and distribute by anyone. Each of the 300 artworks in both the Cape Town and Johannesburg shows, sold for R1500 and as it costs R10 to print a book, each page from the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show, with its new artwork on it, will buy 45 000 books which are given out to underprivileged children across the country. Check out more information here

It really is a beautiful cycle where books becomes artworks, and then become books again and it’s been so wonderful to be part of this initiative. Thank you for inviting us and we hope you all like our artworks as much as we did creating it.


If you’d like to see more work by Sugar & Vice, check out their full range on sale here.


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